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Friends but....

"kokak," said the frog.

"kokak, kokak!" the second frog replied.

"kokak," the third frog suggested.

the goat followed them and asked, "hey where are you going?!"

"to the river!" the nearest frog answered.

the goat grinned. "can i join you?"

"you want join us?" everyone started to laugh.

"i have no friends here." the two-horned creature lamented. "i want to join you!"

"would you sit down?" the frog commanded." you're too tall."

quickly and quietly, they moved around the goat.  the goat waited in silence for a moment.

the frogs then agreed. "we are your friends now! but still you can't join us."

"but why?" the goat cried. "i thought we're friends?"

"we can offer friendship.!" the frog shouted as they headed to the river. "
but not sex, its our spawning season so you can't join us. see you later, friend."