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Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

My Christmas tree is now ready, if you're not too busy you can visit me. (Let's have coffee).
I know your in a budget too (due to financial crisis), so I have prepared a list for you to evaluate. I don't care if it is new or used.

Santa, hereunder are my Christmas Wish List for your perusal.

1. DLSR - I want some photography session with syel.

2. Kenny G cd - I am having a hard time looking for his SAX live performances.

3. Weight gain program / supplement - Of course I want to gain weight.

4. Sleeping pills - I am having a hard time sleeping. (I wonder if there is a no-drowse sleeping pills.)

5. Laptop - Hmm.. I don't really need this but I want to own one.

6. Washing machine - I want wash my own clothes again.

I do hope these are agreeable to you. Kindly sign your conformity on the space provided. Should you have concerns and/or clarifications feel free to contact me.

Santa Claus