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baba black sheep

Yes, we argued
I never listened
I never cared
I slammed the the door
and left you alone.

Yes, I was kicked-out of school
I nabbed my teacher
with my furious pen.
Don't asked!
I just hate her
just like your macaroni with cream.

Yes, I left home and looked for peer,
who understands me as me.
tasted both heaven and hell
and cheated both life and death
I sin, I don't repent.

Yes, I was confused and troubled.
I pity those kids working to survive
and those orphans seeking for love and attention.
I thought I was alone and love is too high to soar.
Then I realized it only takes two steps
to find what I'm looking for.

Yes, im here in front of the door.
Alibis and lies
are ready for a piece of mercy
but you asked no questions
you just hugged me
and uttered
"Son, I'm glad your home".

Yes, I Cried.